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DIANGUANG Explosion Protection Technology Co., Ltd (Stock Abbreviation: DIANGUANG Technology; Stock Code: 002730) founded in Liushi town Wenzhou city in 1998. During ten years’ development, the small factory has developed into a large-scale industrial enterprise, which is now widely known at home and abroad. In October, 2014, DIANGUANG Technology was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which is a milestone in DIANGUANG’s history and means that DIANGUANG has officially entered into the capital market.

Since the establishment of the company, DIANGUANG has been specialized in all kinds of explosion protection electrical appliance’s research and development, production, sales and service, tightly focuses on the enterprise spirit of “converge talent, glorify DIANGUANG”, adheres to the enterprise objective of “rank foremost among industry, strive for world brand”, and constantly develops new products. As an explosion protection electrical appliance manufacturer, which is in the domestic leading position and has complete product type, always adheres to the enterprise purpose of “using profession and scientific and technological quality to lead the industry”. With strong R & D capability, complete manufacturing level, reliable product quality, taking the responsibility of improving the safe production level of coal mine and oil in their workplace, DIANGUANG constantly leads the development of domestic explosion protection electrical appliance industry.

DIANGUANG Technology has always maintained a strong product development and manufacturing capabilities. The product is from the initial “air break” to “vacuum break”, until realizing the intelligent network control. DIANGUANG has repeatedly bear the national torch project and the provincial major scientific and technological projects, and is currently a high-tech enterprise assumed national key projects in the field of explosion protection. From now on, DIANGUANG will continue to increase R & D investment and market development efforts, constantly improve the level of coal mine safety and development of more advanced technology, and more reliable products.

With a sound product system, advanced technology, reliable product quality and continuous improvement of the after-service level, DIANGUANG Technology has won the favor of customers and well reputation. Now, DIANGUANG has a stable market share in all major groups, like Shenhua Group, Longmei Group, Tonghua Mining Industry, Pingmei Group, Huainan Mining, HUaibei Mining, Tie Coal Group, Iron Group, China Resources Group, Lu 'an Group, and Datong Coal Mine Group. The stable customer resources have ensured the company's development prospects in the future.

In addition, DIANGUANG has also won all kinds of national and provincial and ministerial level honor in many years of honest operation: DIANGUANG is one of the industry standard drafting units, national high-tech enterprise, member of the National Council of explosion protection electrical appliances and vice chairman of the professional committee of the national mining products.

Facing the tide of economic globalization, DIANGUANG Technology will continuously improve and constantly pursue excellence as a business philosophy, closely rely on the fast-developed and healthy national economy, comply with the national industrial policy, focus on the explosion protection electrical appliance manufacturing. Considering the market demand as the guidance, taking the social responsibility to ensure safety, using the technological innovation and management innovation as the means, DIANGUANG actively promotes the company's new strategy. Now, DIANGUANG makes full use of the existing advantages, to create a product brand of DIANGUANG explosion protection, consolidates the leading position in the domestic industry, and continues to lead the direction of industry development. Adhere to make the enterprise bigger, stronger, and finer, to create a sustainable business for a hundred years, DIANGUANG has realized harmonious win-win and sustainable development in enterprises, employees, customers, shareholders and societies.

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